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The only numbers i can find on it are CWC and CMC stamped at the front, D4 and a 5 stamped on opposite sides of a bearing, 1579 cast at the distr gear and 940995 an F164 stamped on the end. In addition to producing rough cast engine components, CWC has the capability to undertake rough machining and material hardening. There are two ways you can identify CWC Camshafts; Firstly, by checking out its material and process Secondly, by checking the marking on the camshaft, Let's discuss both these methods in detail below. Refer to the complete Crower Master Catalog online for other listings or call Crower direct if your cam is not listed. Attention: Due to Covid 19 many materials and products are delayed. 23-01-2011, 11:56 PM #2 SAKRACENG Part of the furniture Join Date JavaScript is disabled. Sounds confusing? CWC manufactures engine components (crankshafts, camshafts, balance shafts) for a variety of applications including automotive, agricultural and power sports engine programs. Who ever built it wasn't thinking quite right, they bored it.030 put dome pistons in with 406 casting # heads that have 97cc chambers needless to say the crank got chewed rods got hammered enough to where rod bolte (3/8) fall out and #7 piston was cracked where it was eating the pin alive. M. max69z/28 . The premier site for everything to do with Hot Rod, Customs, Low Riders, Rat Rods, and more. Were there no Chev forums at all? Roller vs. flat tappet. The engine appears to have been rebuilt at some point and has a non-factory (i. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission, which supports our community. cast. So you can have a primary idea about a CWC camshaft by its looks and manufacturing uniqueness. Its lobes measure 1.681" and 1.692". 2001 ZRX 1200 1973 z1 900 1975/73 z1 Turbo Dragbike 1982 GPZ550 - 62 Miles. Attachments: . A forum community dedicated to Chevrolet Chevelle owners and enthusiasts. It has "7140" and "GM 1" on the front end. As with its sister companies, CWC has been recognized by regulatory agencies, state agencies and customers alike for outstanding quality and commitment to the environment. Vision Lift of tested lobe could be .300" before wear. Unless there's a "P55" on the opposite side of the "EP1", It's their standard small block chevy core, and it's good for hydraulic, and mild solid grinds. The roller cam will have much more rounded lobes, like the big end of an egg. Hi, thanks for accepting me I've got a 396 out of my 69 elky when i got it in 94 it was in the bed so i installed the engine i had in my now totalled 1970 rs. My Clevite cam, which reportedly measures exactly the same as a TRD stage 2 and a Crane-0012, and (almost) the same as a Schneider 17514 has CWC and EP-32 on it, but none of the other numbers - it has C1, B-27, D1 and I-5, so who knows. Some Facts About CWC Camshafts: What Makes CWC Stand Out, Yamaha Lower Unit Drain Plug Size [Explained Everything], Does It Matter Which Ignition Coil Goes Where? This is car talk after all. Three years later, on April 20, the Campbell, Wyant and Cannon (CWC) Foundry Company was founded. Well, youve to understand the whole process to get these queries answered. "How can I tell what camshaft I have? H-O Ent. What is the best insulation to use in my floor pans in a 73 Camaro, Looking for Bodywork in/near Greenville SC, Seeking 1/2" ID x 5/8" OD Black Exit Tubing for Radiator Overflow Reservoir. I finally tore into it and am having a problem IDing the Camshaft that was in it all ive found is its a CWC K11 marked by the gear and 636 on the . Take the 899C and add it to the model prefix. Pontiac 326 Vs Chevy 327 Differences & Similarities. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. & certification on Aug 26th of 1997. Join the SPY NINJA NETWORK to help Chad Wild Clay & Vy Qwaint defeat Project Zorgo! The highly-skilled dedicated workforce focuses on superior quality and on-time delivery forging strong relationships with Customers. It started in 1905 with a verbal agreement between Donald Campbell, Ira Wyant and George Cannon to put $10 a month into a savings fund to provide working capital for business opportunities. Anyone have any idea what make and specs are of this cam? Denver, NC. CWC and 1579..ID the machinist (his/her initials) and employee #. Members from all over the US and the world! LOL, according to the post count I'm an "expert." io ic eo ec sae dur. Kautex is a subsidiary of Textron Inc. and is rated among the Top 100 Automotive SuppliersSee this and similar jobs on LinkedIn. Valve lift is computed for stock rockerarm ratio (1.73:1 for 400, 351-C & Boss 302: 1.60:1 for all others) Source of information: Ford Performance by Pat Ganahl, an excellent reference book on Ford performance engines On the shaft the #'s 1539 are stamped in one spot, and CWC is stamped in another spot. If I get any more I'll post them as well. H-O Ent. If there are no numbers on the end of the cam I doubt that you will figure it out any way other than measuring it. Materials and Process of CWC CWC camshafts include unique materials and manufacturing processes. So a few things you need to consider while buying it includes: CWC camshaft identification is a pretty easy task if the name is laser etched on the back of the cam. Mon to Fri: 8am - 5pm CDT; Gandrud Chevrolet 919 Auto Plaza Dr. Green Bay, WI 54302; Sales: 888.284.7491; Contact Us; Connect With Us Employing state-of-the-art processes, the Company has over 1,400 active part numbers and sells directly to over 60 customers, including Ford, Chrysler, General Motors, and Caterpillar. I think they supply OEMS' as well. The Fora platform includes forum software by XenForo. Project Greenlight 6 posts Page 1 of 1 Return to "Engine Tech" I have a camshaft in a motor that I am trying to identify. There is a shop near by that can tell me the specs but is there some way to know if it is a solid lifter cam or a hydraulic lifter cam. Cruise RPM 1600-2200. The best-in-class material ductile/alloyed gray iron gives it far more endurance than its steel or assembled counterparts. The camshaft manufacturers are sorted alphabetically and are listed in terms of duration. For example, you might have a camshaft stamped with the numbers 899C, followed by various numbers with degrees. The only markings on the cam are R338 stamped on one end and D2 and B6 cast along the shaft in between the lobes. Chevy-Small Block Cam Identification Welcome to Club Hot Rod! CWC camshafts include unique materials and manufacturing processes. The numbers you have now are just casting numbers and dont really mean anything. by CamKing Sun Oct 03, 2010 9:34 pm, Powered by phpBB Forum Software phpBB Limited, General engine tech -- Drag Racing to Circle Track. Roller: 202/206 .403"/.415" 8.5:1 115 '87 350 Corvette and IROC Camaro: They became one of the top manufacturers of blank camshafts, and at one time, they supplied about 85% of the blank cams around the world. TH400 Vs Powerglide: Which One is Ideal for You? no. Intro Tips for Identifying a Camshaft DynoCams 485 subscribers Subscribe 12K views 2 years ago We get this question constantly, guys. Meta: Do you find CWC camshaft identification difficult? Stage Fast! Your email address will not be published. Degreeing the Camshaft This is a process that synchronizes the camshaft with the crankshaft. This number should be on your camshaft, followed by a number of degrees. The problems are so common that the model already has gained a, Read More Where is the Chevy 350 Coolant Temp Sensor Location?Continue, What is the most common difference between a torsion beam and a multi-link suspension? This question is for testing whether or not you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. trying to find those numbers will be difficult if not impossible. 93 TT- N/A to TT, Auto to 5 speed, upgrade central. Got this info for ya. To obtain specifications on a Crower cam please enter the part number (00242, 15210, etc) or custom work order number (E23456, A7890, etc) located on the end of the camshaft. Jan 28, 2007. It came with a new bolt on gear. CWC made/still makes camshaft blanks for many camshaft suppliers. by pam Mon Nov 10, 2014 1:26 am, Post,, I have googled and found nothing. How To Properly Replace Ignition Coils. its a good cam for a mild 400, should support 400 hp 400tq. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission, which supports our community. Telling one from the other visually is relatively easy. Lets start! cam lift valve cust. that can decide an ideal cam that can make engine generates the maximum possible power, Dont pick a camshaft with more lift or duration than what your engine needs to avoid over-cam issues. Can anyone decipher those numbers and give me an idea of what I bought? Small Block V8 (221, 260, 289, 5.0/302, 5.8/351W) - Help identifying a camshaft - I picked up a somewhat low mileage 351w for my 86 F250. I had an Isky cam that was a "Z66" check Isky's web site. How To Properly Replace Ignition CoilsContinue, What are the factors to look for while choosing a transmission? Manufacturer's Name: Part Number: Advertised Duration: Duration @ .050: Lift With 1.5 Rocker Arms: Lift With 1.65 Rocker Arms: Lobe Separation Angle: Intake Centerline: Pontiac OEM : 9777254: 269/277---113: 112.5: Pontiac OEM : 9779066: 273/282: 200/210. Reply to this topic; Start new topic; . Apr 16, 2020. However, CWC is a humongous name in the camshaft market for factory vehicles, and weve seen facts regarding how wide their coverage is and what makes them so superior. Felix, qui potuit rerum cognscere causas. . Noah knows a lot about whats happening in the car industry with the latest piloting productions thanks to his professional experience. Never accept imitations. Play Spy Ninja mini-games, build your very own Spy Base, and collect Spy Ninja Badges to show off on the weekly Top Scores. Mike Jones. by pam Sun Nov 09, 2014 10:12 pm, Post However, luckily many CWC camshafts have the name CWC laser etched on the back. I'm not sure if the OEM cams had FOMOCO on them or not. Here is what is printed on the cam: And so you chose to go to a Datsun forum for your very first post? It controls the quantity of engine airflow. Simple as that. Nothing on the rear end. Check out the table to see the specs related to its materials and processes. stamp paint len. Summit has what I'm looking for at a good price. Camshafts are identified by (usually) the last 4 digits of the part number and a casting symbol. On the shaft the #'s 1539 are stamped in one spot, and CWC is stamped in another spot. We supply both completely finished and semi-finished camshaft cores (UGL) ready for customer specific lobe grinds. The cam must match the application and components going into the valvetrain, such as the induction system, cylinder heads, etc. Re: Cam Recommendation (was: D4 EP 15 Camshaft) I'm only after mild cam to work within the parameters I listed. The letters CWC stand for Campbell, Wyant and Cannon. The Fora platform includes forum software by XenForo. Well, if youre lucky, you may see the mark CWC laser etched on the back of the camshafts, just like the image below. I have googled and found nothing. This CWC innovation allows us to offer our customers camshafts that can withstand higher engine stress and significant cost savings when compared to steel or assembled camshafts. part no. Your, Alloyed Gray Iron: Material Specifications, Horizontal Cope & Drag / Green Sand Molding. i think these are the specs for that cam. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Do not enter the -2 on dual cams part numbers or the (I) that indicates intake or (E) for exhaust. :yes: You could do the same thing manually with V blocks, dial indicator and a degree wheel. The cam is in very. K1302 debating on crank and rods choices are a little limited staying with the stock stroke. 350-455. You must be logged in to view this image or video. IBLOWN Well-Known Member Joined Sep 13, 2005 Messages 2,153 Reaction score 56 Points 48 Age A forum community dedicated to all Chevy Nova, Chevy II, Acadian owners and enthusiasts. By 1947, CWC was one of the largest foundry companies in the United States, owning or managing over a dozen foundries in the Midwestern U.S. On April 19, 1956, CWC was acquired by Textron Inc. rr lash lash int exh btc abc bbc atc int exh int exh int exh Sorry that information was camouflaged so well. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission, which supports our community. I took it apart before putting it in the truck, to check everything over and put all new gaskets in. If I cant find it anywhere I will dial and degree it but had hoped to find the identifier somewhere. 2010-2022 Crower Cams & Equipment Co., Inc. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Hope it helps. 0288 should mean the advertised duration. yoderrt75. Posted 10:33:34 PM. Brian Crower 272 Part number BC0101 Right out the box. JavaScript is disabled. Clear Come join the discussion about performance, modifications, restorations, troubleshooting, maintenance, and more! He also enjoys reading books a lot and his favorite author is Paula Coelho. I pulled a camshaft out of a 400 small block, and was curious what the specs are of the cam and the make. This is a job for professionals and the mechanically-inclined. It arrived in the mail today and I am trying to verify that it is, indeed, a Chevrolet camshaft. So you come to a nissan forum to ask us about a cam for a chevy engine. Its trickier to identify a camshaft by looking at the markings etched on it. Step 1. On the other hand, the best part is how these camshafts are made. spec sheet You must be logged in to view this image or video. the cam with a degree wheel during installation. int exh c.l. The other markings on the cam are CWC I-5 0-1 K 304 D1 I will try and post some pictures when I find a place to host them, thanks for any help Quote . One possible reason is engine builders dont etch ID marks since they dont want to hand another engine builder their secrets regarding camshafts. The article discusses what materials and processes are used in manufacturing CWC camshafts that can help identify a CWC cam. This software is remarkably accurate. The OP should also be aware that if he doesn't really know its true origin or history, it could be a reground cam, and there isnt a number on it that means a thing in that case. Most popular cam. What a great thread. I tried searching & googling these markings with no luck. Overdrive gear ratio, horsepower, weight, and stock torque converter are some of the major attributes to take into consideration. "Rigid quality control in any industry is the secret to success. 1982 Jeep J-20 360. Camshaft Machine Company manufactures internal combustion engine and fuel system camshafts for use in automobiles, trucks, heavy equipment and stationary engines. dia. EP1 is the type of core. At SKY Racing Cams, the Wilson Rockwell Hardness Tester is employed to insure uniform and correct hardness in every camshaft. It is stamped Z087 on the end and has a couple of other markings on it, CWC and EP1. CWC makes camshafts that are mostly manufactured for factory vehicles, and finding a camshaft is actually the engine builders job. The only stamped markings on the front are 951758. 1970 Mark Donohue Javelin 390. A flat tappet cam will be much more pointed, similar to the small end of an egg. Thanks as always for any help. by wyrmrider Mon Nov 10, 2014 11:16 am, Post Check your head casting numbers; You could have 250 hp 327 heads, which have the same half diamond on the ends of the heads as "power packs" and larger combustion chambers. Oher markings are EP-19, 16* 81 and 07. The EP1 (not EPI) indicates that it was cast for Engine Power Components. I'm wanting to find out if what I have is a good one or not. But since it makes blank cams, there are aftermarket camshafts available under different brand names that you can consider buying. CWC is the casting ID for CWC Textron. A forum community dedicated to Nissan and Datsun Z car owners and enthusiasts. Durations at .050" cam lift are 188 degrees intake, 202 degrees exhaust. For comparison purposes, add intake and exhaust lobe centers and divide by 2 to calculate "camshaft lobe separation" specification for Ford Racing camshafts. my friend gave me a cam that he got at a swap meet. Sorry for the other non-car-guy responses. I bought what was supposed to be a factory Chevrolet 3927140 camshaft from a guy who said it was stored away since purchased new in 1973. Vocational, Find It would take some digging and some research, but you could look through a parts catalog of some of the more popular cam manufacturers and see if you can match up part numbers with something. AquaTraction Vs SeaDek: Which One Is Better For you? 1952 Willys M38-A1. Does anyone have the specs on this cam? I recently had an CWC casting cam fail from Isky. Thus, the rough machining and casting are also unique for CWC camshafts. These markings will usually be in the center of the camshaft, obviously in between the valve lobes. In that sense, if you find the labeling as EP1, CMC, or COM-Cams, its possible that CWC has made these camshafts, but theyre sold under the above brand names. All the markings are different also. CWC's selective tempered ductile iron (SADI) process exhibits the strength, ductility and wear-resistance for applications up to 255 KSI HERTZ. which is a very mild hydraulic lifter replacement camshaft . Mustangman November 22, 2020, 10:31pm #2 Should we guess what engine the cam is for? For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. In addition to producing rough cast engine components, CWC has the capability to undertake rough machining and material hardening. Whether its about flame hardening or CWCs own Selective Tempered Ductile Iron (SADI), it exhibits superior ductility, strength, and wear-resistance for all modern engine applications up to 255 KSI HZ. Well that shows your intelligence. It wouldn't have ran very much longer without ventilation of the block. Because during the lower units oil change, you can go through the issue that the lower plug, Read More Yamaha Lower Unit Drain Plug Size [Explained Everything]Continue, Among the crucial parts of a vehicle ignition system is the ignition coil, also called a spark coil. I finally tore into it and am having a problem IDing the Camshaft that was in it all ive found is its a CWC K11 marked by the gear and 636 on the but. Honda CB750 SOHC 1969-1976 After Market Crane Engine Camshaft Cam Shaft CWC K134 | Vehicle Parts & Accessories, Motorcycle & Scooter Parts & Accessories, Engines & Engine Parts | eBay! Canadian made ERTEL brand. A flat tappet camshaft is slightly more pointed on the nose of the lobe, while a roller lift camshaft has a more rounded profile on the nose of the lobe. What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun -- that means. An unarmed man can only flee from evil, and evil is not overcome by fleeing from it. 1984 Small Block Chevy 350 Camshaft Identification. I thought I was wrong once but I was mistaken thanks guys , wish i knew brand!lol i donot have a caliper or i would, Vintage/Classic/Historical Engine Tech, 3V Performance Engine & Valve train Development, Race Cars & Parts - For Sale or Wanted. Our content is merely suggestive, not intended to use without proper safety precautions and advice. Identifiers: Letter R, CWC, EP1, C4 and E8. The Fora platform includes forum software by XenForo. Seriously, cams and lifters are not all that much $$ (considering all the baddness that could happen by installing an unknown (history) cam). But there are no other markings engraved that could identify this camshaft. JavaScript is disabled. Required fields are marked *. by MadBill Sat Oct 02, 2010 6:26 pm, Post Jones Cam Designs. We struck out trying to identify it. Part Number: Type: DUR @ .050" Lift: C/R: LSA: Usage: 14093643: Hyd. There should be numbers stamped on the back and/or cast into the barrel of the core. However, they make raw castings for different cam-core companies. with right heads etc. by CamKing Sun Oct 03, 2010 9:22 pm, Post VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 600, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. After spending 8 years in plant production engineering, Noah wanted to join Engine Addiction as a key member of all cars specific guides, reviews, repairs, suggestions, and more. Sign in to save 2023 Intern - Environmental Health & Safety (CWC) . i you have never degreed a cam and don't have a degree cam kit, you are looking at investing into a kit that will cost about 100. for that amount of money you can get a generic hyperformance cam from summit. Get clues, and receive calls from Chad & Vy through the app! could be almost any company , crane comp speedpro they all cut this grind i bet.. it should be fine just buy new lifters when you install her, and use good additives You must log in or register to reply here. Post Just to be clear, are those the numbers on the face of the cam behind the timing gear? Do not enter the -2 on dual cams part numbers or the (I) that indicates intake or (E) for exhaust. Strong low & mid range torque, daily driving. You could just put it back in the engine and put a degree wheel on it and see exactly what it is. It also says "cmc 1579" next to one of the lobes. Step 3 Find the exhaust number and add it to the end of the list of numbers. Usually there are engraved or stamped numbers on the face. Being a blank cam manufacturer theres every chance that youre buying their camshaft or already have it under a different brand name. At one time they supplied 85% of the blanks in the world. by ap72 Sat Oct 02, 2010 4:13 pm, Post Pistons aren't cheap so you may be money ahead scoring a complete 454. In 1956, Textron Inc. acquired CWC, which later became a part of the Kautex family when Textron sold the assets to the company in 2003. Thanks (0) Quote Reply Posted: Mar/29/2008 at 5:00am. Walter Noah is a process engineer who has a knack for resolving even the toughest technical issue. It also has the D2 and C3 180 from each other. CWC should stand for Campbell Wyatt and Cannon Foundry. I tried searching & googling these markings with no luck. Paul Wright Premium Member Joined Oct 17, 1999 7,186 Posts #1 Hi, pulled down my engine a while back and was just doing a clean up and pick up my old cam, and found some markings on it it says CRAN no E, and can find a listed part number, Also marked with CWC , C2, D2, F6, and the number i think to be 2802, ANYONE? eric henry fisher photos,